Minimize the movements

14 clicks for a car loan receiving

The process of buying a car on credit requires many actions: choose the right car, find a salon on the Internet where it is available, discover the financing programs in this salon ... and find out that the programs of this salon are not suitable.

And again Dante's Nine Circles: find another salon, discover other financing programs and so on.

So, two main tasks we faced:

  1. Make a car credit purchase as comfortable and transparent as possible, having realized on one resource (website) the possibility of a complete car selection and optimal credit conditions.
  2. Build the Autofinance website presence in digital by developing a communication strategy.

Since the website is the main vector of communication, it was the first point where we began to build a digital presence.

After analyzing and calculating all the buyer's expenses during the car credit purchase process, we developed a unique tool (website) to make this process as comfortable as possible.

Credit can be easily issued without leaving your home because the information about cars posted on the website is reliable and is updated daily. By submitting an application online, the user can be almost 100% sure that the dealer has a car.

We have collected a variety of current credit and leasing programs on the site, taking into account all hidden fees and additional commissions for registration, so even sitting at the computer, you can calculate all expenses (pension, insurance, bank fees, etc.), which may differ depending on the banking credit program.

We understood that the user visits this resource with one goal and the main designer's task was to direct him on the right path and help to choose.

Therefore, we have simplified the design as much as possible so as not to distract the user with bright and unnecessary elements. The entire site is made in a single style using three primary colors (blue, black and white), which helps the user to easily perceive information.

Although the site has complex technical functionality that includes millions of complex calculations with various combinations, we tried to make it as user-friendly as possible for each user.

We have divided the process of complex mathematical counting into logical steps.

  • The user can return back to the starting point of credit application from any step at any time. 
  • We created a personal user account where you can add your favorite car models and programs.

We added an ability to compare credit conditions by different banks, within one bank and even within the same application.

All this uneasy, at first glance, functionality could be actually understood by a regular user. And yet we added an online consultant who can help and advice at all stages if someone has any difficulties or questions.

68 financial programs (credit and leasing) and more than 8,000 cars available from dealers are represented on the website.

Autofinance offers a simple and intuitive service, up-to-date information on available cars and the best financing programs, which will help the consumer to save time, nerves and energy.

To say that we can save time without backing it up with any facts would be unfounded. In addition, everyone saves time in different ways. This gave us an idea: we cannot calculate how much time consumers have saved, but we can definitely calculate how much fewer movements it takes.

Movement is the time and the specific number

We decided to explain what the consumer gets through this service on a clear example. We will talk about the common click. Thus, we decided to build our entire communication strategy on the number of clicks.

In addition, the image of the click can serve as a strong link throughout the advertising campaign, because it has a bright visual and audible manifestation.

In communication, we appeal to the fact that the path from choosing a car to an accepted application takes 14 clicks.

Preroll can be different depending on the categories of target audience we need, thanks to which the viewer will find in advertising something of himself.


Thus, thanks to the website understandable usability, necessary financing program and cars convenient selection, as well as the built communication strategy, Autofinance is already counting new applications.

P.S. The contract is already waiting for you at the car dealership.