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On December 10, 2001 BPS Company became the official representative of Scott in Ukraine and opened its first store in Kiev. Over the few years on the Ukrainian market, the company feels an all-time growth in the consumer segment in online and enters the Internet space on high speed appealing to the experience of successful offline sales. In mid-2015, the company clearly understands that its development in the Internet has stopped in the "bike traffic jam of trends." "We need to change something quickly," thought BPS Company executives and made a hairpin turn in their business. They phoned us! Our goal was to develop online and offline stores in digital space, making them a 100% market leader.

Here we had non-adaptive site that could be a trend in the early 2000s, lack of a content-based strategy and lack of online communication with the target audience and with the existing customer base. As the saying goes, without an intermediate business strategy, you cannot be a leader in a long distance marathon. Unfortunately, organic traffic on the site was just for show, not for conversions.


  • development of a new adaptive and convenient site, taking into account all the requirements of search engines;
  • configuring in-depth analytics for all kinds of user-site interactions;
  • development and construction of a full-fledged search engine site’s optimization in the UA area;
  • building a strategy for promoting the Display Network;
  • development and implementation of SMM strategy;
  • e-mail marketing;


Digital solutions

  1. Thanks to the amazing tandem of our Digital Development team and SEO specialists, after 3 months the site became the «blue-eyed boy» of search engines and employees of the online store we reduced the time of full order processing by 4 times !!!
  2. Configuration and implementation of in-depth analytics on the site pages in order to understand more accurately the user's response to the website's content and its usability. In other words, the period of A/B testing began – the most troublesome work for our analysts.
  3. 3. Launch of the GDN tactics. Its peculiarity was to precisely display on the filtered niche sites those products that interested the user the most when visiting the site.
  4. 4. SMM strategy was implemented in social networks Facebook & Instagram, which brought recognition of the brand and new customers.

In the list of our digital solutions for the promotion of the bicycle store was the creation of a video content strategy. For the YOUTUBE channel of the client, we took an information-educational vector: we shot a series of image ads about test-drives of bicycles and accessories for products in the store Remember, we said that our team very closely intertwine mega digital professionalism with creative work? :) So, our Head of the encoded and always serious department of Digital Development starred in one of the videos.



increase in targeted traffic


increase in organic traffic


increase in direct conversions


growth in mobile traffic


growth in traffic from social networks


increase in viewing depth

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