Social and educational platform to support cancer patients and their loved ones

Social and educational platform to support cancer patients and their loved ones


Despite the dynamic development of technologies aimed at combating the physical manifestations of oncology, the issue of psychological health of patients and their loved ones still remains open. There is still no sufficient educational base to answer these questions. That is why Nutricia Ukraine focused its efforts on organizing the All-Ukrainian social and educational campaign “To be near”, and we in turn made efforts to implement a web platform for this project.

Stories from people who have gone through the fight against cancer

First of all, the social and educational platform "Being Near" is about support and people. Therefore, a separate section "Stories from Life" has been created on the site, which contains articles by individuals who have encountered this disease, have gone through the fight against it and are ready to share personal experiences.

Useful publications

Also on the pages of the site are collected many materials in the form of publications from leading oncopsychologists, which are educational in nature. Yes, we have 4 different sections with articles:

4 sections:
  • "I have cancer, what should I do?" - section for people who have encountered this disease;
  • "Myths" - a section in which they refute the myths that surround cancer;
  • "Cancer" - a section that contains articles on the types of oncology;
  • "On nutrition" - a section that collects recommendations from doctors on the organization of proper nutrition of cancer patients

There is a section "Questions and Answers", where you can ask your own question to oncopsychologists and get an answer for free, if the materials posted on the site do not answer.

It's all about cancer

It was important to post as much informative content on the online platform as possible. Therefore, the section "All about cancer" reflects materials from four main categories of knowledge, such as: Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy, Cancer with localization in the gastrointestinal tract, Malnutrition. Each topic is covered by leading experts from the National Cancer Institute.

The materials are presented in a convenient and up-to-date video format. 

Calendar of events

The Be Near project often hosts online events and free webinars, with the participation of leading experts in oncopsychologists and doctors, covering the most important topics of concern to cancer patients and their loved ones. During such meetings there is an opportunity to ask a question to the speaker and get an answer to it live.

Therefore, it was decided to place a section with events on the site. Here, users can find events that have already taken place and those that are just planned. Each of the events displays a description, date and topic of the event, and if the event has already taken place, an online webinar recording is available for viewing on the page. This is very convenient, because all the events are gathered in one place and even if the user missed a certain event, he can easily view it.

Our team worked on this project with special awe, because it has a very important mission: to act as a tool to provide the necessary psychological support to patients and their immediate environment.

For CF.Digital, the social component is one of the priority factors in deciding on cooperation. Therefore, if you are looking for a partner to implement a project full of content, tell us about it.