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We are effective experimenters in promoting the automotive business, who keep leading positions in the PROMO rally among the market’s key players for many years! Our cases and happy customers boldly confirm this, thus, they trust us the most important tasks and strategic projects.

Highway Auto Center occupies one of the leading positions in the Ukrainian car market dealing with the sale and servicing of KIA, Opel, Chevrolet, ZAZ, Cherry, Maserati cars. Three meetings, two options for further joint movement and the final straight with the signing of a long-term cooperation agreement. First, we conducted a detailed diagnosis of the entire digital presence of the client, having analyzed all the symptoms in detail.

Digital diagnostics
  • an outdated, non-adaptive site;
  • low conversions from contextual advertising Google Adwords;
  • loss of traffic and low conversion rates due to a lack of promotion strategy in organic search of Google & Yandex search engines;

Having received the completed information picture, with the help of the united work of PROMO & Digital Development specialists, we jointly created the tactic of the digital upgrade of Highway Auto Center, on the basis of which we conducted a digital "tuning" of the client's business.

Digital "tuning":

  1. We have developed a new multilingual site with adaptive markup, adding some of our features: we integrated a credit and insurance calculator, added a personalized form of determining of registration cost for each car, approached unconventionally to the displaying of a slider on the site..
  2. We put in-depth analytics and special services to the site in order to monitor lead generation and percentage of traffic input/output when traffic pages are reached. We collected the data, subject to which the constant improvement of usability and conversion action on the website are conducted, and transferred it to the Digital Development department. For example, interactive forms for a test drive registration, which we constantly optimize, analyzing the behavior and reactions of users.
  3. We carried out a phased optimization in the search engine. Having assembled the semantic core of the site in the amount of 2000 requests, taking into account the client's priorities on the automotive market of Ukraine, at the first stage we conducted internal optimization of the site and implemented the content strategy.
  4. We developed and implemented an external strategy for optimizing the site, taking into account the wishes of the client and the behavioral factors of Central Asia.
  5. With the help of internal linking and tricky methods of markup we adjusted traffic to the most relevant pages of the site.
  6. In the tactics of the GDN campaigns, an aggressive-dynamic approach to saturating the Internet space with our advertisements at the right time on the most relevant phrases has come up.
Upgrade tactic
  • development of a new site;
  • search engine optimization;
  • aggressive GDN promotion;
  • continuous improvement of conversions;

Final results


Increased conversions from mobile devices


Increased conversions from the Google Display Network for 6 months


Increase in the number of targeted calls

We create digital, not talk about it!