Julia Chulska

Julia Chulska

Design Matters


Which one of us hasn't made repairs? All!
And who finished?

“The repair cannot be finished – it can be stopped!” — someone smart.


Yulia Chulska's architecture and design studio has been completed renovations for 10 years. She starts with projecting, interior design, selection of modern ecological materials and thinking of small things.
The phone socket is always next to the bed, not under the nightstand downstairs in the opposite corner of the room.
It would seem like a dream. But not everyone thinks so. Simply because they don't know anything about Yulia and her team.

We decided to change it.

Having talked with dozens of our clients, we formulated for ourselves the main value of interior design.

Design is not only beautiful pictures and square meters.
The main thing in the house is not the size.
The main thing in a house is the emotions it evokes and the role it will play.
After all, when you have a party, the house becomes a bar.
When children play with a ball, the house is a football field.
When your partners come to visit you, or you just need to work all day, it is your office.

Design by Yulia Chulska is an interior that can play different roles in different situations.
It is measured not by meters, but by the way of life, character, and habits of the owners.

Design is an actor, it plays a role! Which one - you decide!

It is how our creative idea was born, which we implemented with the help of an identity, a website, a commercial and digital communication.


On the basis of communication, we put an honest and close to real life message about how our home space is transformed depending on the goals and the function it performs.

And we announced a manifesto of functionality, in which they remembered what interior design exists for.

By the way, Yulia herself did the voice-over for the video.

A digital campaign was launched

  • YouTube

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

  • Google


From the first days of launching the advertising campaign, we felt that we hit the target with our insight. In a period when, due to the lockdown and remote work, the house began to fulfill many roles at the same time – our video, in which Yulia's voice reads the manifesto of functionality, hits the heart.

And that's why the first applications started coming to the studio immediately through messages on social networks.


I want to thank you for your advertisement
I watched YouTube today, I was really moved – very warm and heartfelt. Compliments to the authors!”

We decided that if people thank us for advertising, then everything, will definitely work out!

As a result, in 9 months of the campaign


Кількість проектів на місяць зросла в 3 рази


Середній метраж об'єкту збільшився на 88%


Дохід студії зріс у рази :)

Therefore, Yulia turned off advertising in order not to let her clients down, and we were left without work)