The most hellish period in the work of the PROMO department is summer holidays time! You daily give your audience tasty content, refresh their information background with juicy facts or spicy news, masterfully throw in colorful interactive visuals into the thread of communication - it seems to be an amazing idyll! Until these relations grow into a love triangle, when a summer vacation bursts on the stage with a bright appeal: "No online!”

The summer is a creative challenge to ourselves every year in CF.Digital. It is so to say our exam on digital intelligence :-) In 2016, while working on summer activities for the Shell SMART Club - the official FB community of Shell's international fuel brand in Ukraine - we found our ideally effective PROMO tactics for increasing of involvement in the summer season. First, we strengthened our positions by a powerful media event that related to every Ukrainian citizen - the Olympic Games 2016. The next stage of our Olympic marathon was setting clear goals: we were aimed at increasing the activity of users on the Shell Smart Club Facebook page, increasing sales in the Low season and a growth in the number of refueling stations. We developed the activation of the "Olympic canisters", which consisted of five stages.

The current global media event is mixed with a mechanics understandable to each participant, embellished with the versatility of tasks and balanced combination of actions in offline and online - this insanely awesome idea demonstrated the results of OLYMPIC INVOLVEMENT.

PROMO tactics
  • development of a strategy of activating mechanics;
  • involvement of TA via online - tools in offline activity;
  • the introduction of strengthened content marketing with strong emotional emphasis;
  • use of trend visualization for communication with the TA;
  • continuous monitoring of the TA's behavioral factors on the page and absorbing a large number of hot dogs and coffee in Shell cafe. After all the forces are necessary for 14 days of 5-step activation! :)



increase in online coverage


increase in the audience engagement rate in FB


increase in the number of refuellings per 1 day