Tube is a streetwear brand founded in 2016 in Lithuania. All collections (sweatshirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, long-sleeved t-shirts) are produced in-house in limited editions. All things — with unique prints on high-quality fabrics and with a special cut.

After two years of improving their product — from a special cotton fabric processing technology to exclusive packaging — the Tube team faced a new challenge: extraordinary exclusive things that needed to be presented on the site require an extraordinary digital design solution.

It's become our task:

To create a site with a design in the minimalism style, with an emphasis on large images of products.

But firstly, a story of the brand! We thought out an exclusive digital background that would resonate with the unconventionality of the collections. It was reflected in the original idea of photography for the site, and definitely in the choice of extravagant models. Due to this mix, the atmosphere of uniqueness and youth is recreated.

And to make the site "live" and interesting, the slider was added with the ability to upload GIF images instead of each slide.

A feature of the site was the size grid, which the administrator can fill out separately for each product or combine for the entire collection (category). For example, considering the fact that the products are exclusive, and the sizes may differ from the standard ones, it was very important for the client to decide on the size grid in the product card.

Another feature of buying goods on the website is that there is no self-delivery and payment after delivery. You can pay for the product only on the website, but they will deliver it to you almost anywhere on the globe.

Depending on the country and the weight of the purchase, which is automatically calculated by the system, the buyer will immediately be shown the price to pay. He can choose one of the proposed online payment systems.

Considering the fact that the buyer immediately pays for an exclusive product on the site, which may be in a single copy, it is necessary to control the availability of products. This is why integration with 1C and updating merchandise balances occurs whenever changes occur in the system.

As a result, we developed a site that fully meets European standards for sites with an online payment system. Tube is a stylish online store that sells worldwide.


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