ULTRAGROUP When tastes' boundaries and lines erase

Bold elegance and rebellious refinement


Since the 1999 starting point, located in Odessa city,Ultragroup has been the exclusive representative of the Levi's, Baldinini, Lagerfeld, Guess, Hugo Boss, Superdry companies in Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

For those who are not keen on fashion, we note that these brands are very polar not only in the means of products' cost, but also due to their philosophy. Levi's, GUESS and Superdry clothes are the story of the victory of freedom over the dress code dictatorship. At the same time, Baldinini, Hugo Boss and Lagerfeld are clothes for the aristocrats of the modern city. 

Thus, within the Ultragroup corporate website creation, our main task was to erase the boundaries between completely different brands and to bridge the gap between a mature orthodox audience and young innovators.

Design solution
  • We developed a dual structure of the website main page and implemented it in the form of a screen slider. Within a single slide (screen), we displayed pairwise antagonist brands: on the left there are brands for more mature audience, and on the right –
  • With the help of the saturation parameter, we could mitigate the media materials contrast of absolutely different brands.
  • For each brand own individual long scroll page, that maximizes its individuality, was developed.

  • A unique type of animation was developed in our project. We used the advanced technology of the Canvas API browsers, and with the help of additional tools we increased the graphics rendering performance to 60 fps.
  • The animation mechanisms were implemented using high-performance JavaScript platform GSAP.
  • The interface elements, built on the basis of vector graphics SVG, were integrated into the page code, that allowed to implement the most user-friendly interface and user interaction with the site.
  • Server technologies allowed to optimize the speed of data processing and its transfer to user. Thus, even the presence of large volumed video and audio content does not trouble page load.


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