SERM Marketing Reputation is the invisible capital of your brand

Not having a reputation is as bad as having a bad reputation.

5 Reasons for Reputation Management:

  1. You can absolutely control your brand, product, service and communication. However, you cannot control how people treat your brand. You can manage it!
  2. Any information about your company that has got on the Internet remains there forever. Negative as well. You cannot delete it. Never. However, you can also manage it.
  3. Why do your customers choose you? Do you offer better price, in comparison with competitors; create a deficit, or have an excellent loyalty system? Maybe it's about trust? Trust is difficult to form. But it can be managed.
  4. A good reputation strengthens itself.
  5. 5. Reputation is not only a tool for influencing potential customers. This is the interaction with your future employees, investors and partners. And it can be managed as well.


We doing :
  • believe in your brand and product;
  • find what needs to be removed and what can be strengthened. We perform a detailed analysis of the information field and develop a change strategy;
  • create high-quality content and place it on high-trusted platforms;
  • engage the target audience in communication to better understand your client and open new opportunities for your brand;
  • use non-standard methods of displaying: Wikipedia, Amazon, video channels;
  • if necessary, we create our own network of sites;
  • set up systems for constant monitoring of space;

Good reputation is a competitive advantage. Sometimes it can be decisive when choosing you, not competitors!