Aroma Kava
Aroma Kava

Small and medium-sized businesses are the locomotive for the development of the economy of modern countries. However, start-up entrepreneurs are often unable to express their business ideas due to lack of starting capital, experience, and a lack of more experienced mentor.  Not new, but quite relevant solution—franchising. Investments in a ready-made, and most importantly, working business model, with a formed recognizable brand, allow beginners to avoid most mistakes at the start of a business. Rozetka, Nova Poshta, McDonald's, Lviv Crouissants, G.Bar and hundreds of successful franchise cases not only develop the business ecosystem, but also strengthen the country's economy.

When Aroma Kava, one of the largest coffee shop chains in Ukraine, offered us to join the creation of a platform that would stimulate an increase in the number of small businesses, we readily agreed. The idea was to create a clear platform that clearly conveys to potential franchisees the benefits and roadmap of starting a business under the Aroma Kava brand.

Our task

Our task was to create the Aroma Kava information platform. Franchising, where the user can find out all the nuances of opening his own outlet and calculate the necessary costs and get a profit forecast.


We have created a corporate website for Aroma Kava, on the subdomain where  we have placed a platform that combines information blocks in the company's storytelling format: easy to understand and comprehensive in content. By scrolling down, the user gets the opportunity to learn about the formats of coffee houses using the example of the size of coffee cups: XS, S, M, L – in accordance with the area of ​​the point and the costs of opening.

Next, we developed an intuitive and understandable profit calculator. Having chosen the desired format of the coffee house, the system pulls up information on the required amount of investment for the potential franchisee. The calculator also works in the opposite direction: the user can choose the amount he is willing to spend on opening a point, and the system will show the available cafe format and calculate the business economics:

  • the cost of renting the premises;
  • predicted number of sales receipts;
  • profit per month;
  • the amount of investment;
  • payback period

A detailed profit calculation can be received by e-mail or by ordering a consultation with Aroma Kava managers. A plan for opening a coffee shop is immediately available on the platform, in which, using a timeline, we visualized all the stages of work.

You can also learn more about franchising and starting your own business from the mini-blog available on the Aroma Kava landing page. Franchise.

By creating interesting animations, thematic graphic illustrations in the style of Aroma Kava, thoughtful identity and storytelling at all stages of the site's roadmap, we have achieved ease and interactivity in interacting with the platform.


We have released a platform that helps to develop small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine before the start of a full-scale invasion. Now, we hope, it will also play its role in supporting the economy during martial law and will stimulate its recovery after the victory.


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