Businesses in the retail niche is not to be envied because there is competition at any level: local “near the house” convenience stores compete with large chains, large chains compete with the same convenience stores. A vicious circle, which can be broken only by consumer loyalty to the business. No one is surprised by dry discounts and promotions now, so what is the way out? Dances with tambourines, affirmations, shamanic rituals to bewitch the client? 

There is a more proven tool – a loyalty program, a good old solution that values an innovative approach. It will be discussed in our new case – the loyalty program "Dyvynka” (Surprise) for Sviy Market chain of stores.

Problem and tasks

Sviy Market chain of stores operates in the West of Ukraine. In this region, the competition involves many local companies, as well as large chains known throughout the country, such as Silpo, ATB and others. While in the first case, competitors do not have a powerful brand, but still attract with their family and home vibes, the large chains have their own well-thought-out, well-developed and appealing loyalty systems. 
Our task was to create such a loyalty system for the Sviy Market chain that would not destroy the sense of locality, since we did not set a goal to compete with global chains. The main focus is bright and non-standard solution that will help to stand out against the background of communication in the information space. 
Since Sviy Market planned to enter the whole territory of Ukraine, we had to think over such a visual and communication image that would be natively integrated into other regions of the country. 


Having analyzed the market, the main competitors and their attraction mechanisms, having conducted a survey among the store visitors, we formed the main target groups of the store guests. We have found that the communications of most loyalty programs are usually dominated by the mechanics of a program, not the loyalty that the business wants to convey to the customer. But we tried to create such mechanics that would reproduce live communication between the chain and the client. And in this we were helped by a character which gives new emotions and keeps the attention of customers. Our character is an assistant with concierge service functions that saves time and money by reducing the problem of choosing goods. This is an assistant which surprises. 

Meet Dyvun (Surprisier (Surprise - диво + tarsier - довгоп’ят)), a cute Philippine tarsier with huge eyes. It is surprised and surprises. We drew it in the style of Apple Emoji, which are familiar and close to everyone. 

Our Dyvun (Surprisier) is a character which is always in good humor and mood, it speaks its own language containing many neologisms: “Dyvulky-pokupulky” (Surprising purchases), “Znyzhulky” (Discounts), “Dorohusyky” (My Sweeties) and many more.

To get even closer to Sviy Market customers, we have digitalized Dyvun (Surprisier) in a chatbot, which has become part of the loyalty program, a pocket Dyvun (Surprisier) in a smartphone, with which you do not need to carry a plastic bonus card. It is there where our character informs customers about current offers, gives the barcode of a bonus card, informs about discounts and surprises users with personalized messages. 


We managed to achieve a balance between emotionality and rationality, creating a character that continues to Surprise with its loyalty to the customers of the Sviy Market chain.

"In a little less than 1.5 years after the launch of the updated loyalty program, we have a base of 62.5 thousand customers (bot subscribers), an active base of 50%, and generally, the penetration of loyalty in transactions is about 30%, which is a quite "healthy" indicator for a "young" program. The grocery basket of a loyal customer is 25-30% more expensive (we are talking about the average check) than one of a customer outside the loyalty program. In general, Dyvun (Surprisier) has become our corporate favorite, with the help of which we broadcast information to potential customers", - Yuliia Vakhovska, Marketing Director of Sviy Market chain shares the outcomes of the program.