In today's digital world, it is not typical for children to believe in a fairy tale. Each generation is becoming more skeptical and rational. The situation is similar with parents who are preoccupied with their careers and everyday life, and do not even allow the thought that miracles are just around the corner.

On the eve of the Christmas holidays, the Kinder brand decided to implement an unprecedented project designed to change the situation, namely, to restore faith in miracles to adults and children.

The idea was to create a personal holiday greeting for your child, which would be recorded on video by none other than Saint Nicholas himself.


The project included the development of the mechanics of interaction with users on the site, the processing of input data, and the creation and sending to the specified address of a personalized greeting for the child.

The CF.Digital team was responsible for the IT component of the complex project, for the development of the website and the creation of a personalized greeting video. And the general idea and control over implementation was provided by the full-cycle agency Mediahead.


We created website for parents, where they can leave a greeting request. Visitors went through several simple steps. At each of them, adults were offered to choose one of the proposed answer options regarding the characteristics of their child, such as: the greatest successes and achievements of the child, dreams and aspirations, favorite TM Kinder sweets, which the child will receive under the Christmas tree as a gift. Parents could also upload a photo of the child and pick a form of address to the child (ordinary or affectionate), for example, "Andriy" or "Andriyko".

The results of each of the steps were transmitted to the system in the form of a unique identifier, which was responsible for adding the appropriate audio and video fragment to the video greeting.

All audio and video fragments were previously converted by the system to unify their parameters, such as bit rate and resolution. This allowed, by running a manually written script, to compile from fragments of different origins (tracks from post-production, tracks from the recording studio and background music) into one continuous video with a greeting.

For authorization on the site, a system of authentication of users by phone number was used, which made it possible to send a ready-made greeting to parents through one of the selected options (SMS, chatbot in Viber or Telegram).

As for web development technologies, it is worth noting that for front-end work, the team used the Livewire framework, designed to create dynamic interfaces. This made it possible to switch between steps on the site without reloading the pages. In the context of back-end development, we worked with one of the most popular frameworks today — Laravel.




За допомогою розробленого веб-сайту для ТМ Kinder за період акції (10.12.20 — 15.01.20) було згенеровано 75 984 відео з привітаннями для дітей.


Сайт витримав пікові навантаження напередодні Дня Святого Миколая та Нового Року — майже 1 000 одномоментних запитів на створення відео. Пік відвідуваності спостерігався 31 грудня, коли на сайті одночасно знаходились 1747 користувачів.


Навіть під час найбільших навантажень час на компілювання одного відео системою не перевищував 8 секунд.


But the most important achievement was that they really believed in a fairy tale!

And even 13-year-old eighth-graders were surprised to share links to greetings with each other and wondered how St. Nicholas knows their names and desires. And some adults took the opportunity to order magical New Year greetings for themselves and enjoy sweets from Kinder TM, beloved since childhood :)