All about probiotics and a little more


It is known that probiotics - live microorganisms that are needed by the body to maintain a healthy microflora and lasting immunity. Lactiale - a line of probiotics, which consists of the most famous beneficial bacteria present in the intestinal microflora of a healthy person. We know this because we created a corporate website for Lactiale.

Lactiale for the whole family

It was important for us to show that the composition of Lactiale is adapted to the intestinal microflora of adults and children. Therefore, we implemented a custom test that helps determine the probiotic for each family member. The test sorts by the age you have chosen, as well as by the selected therapeutic problem that interests you.

Then a slider with probiotic options and the ability to go straight to the product purchase page appears. This is very convenient, because you do not need to reopen the tab in the browser and look for that button "Order" on dozens of other sites. We did it for you :)

Based on this, it was logical to allocate a separate page for each product, which placed everything: method of use, composition, shelf life, consumption, warnings and recommendations for use. Yes, everything is as in the original instructions for packaging, but not so boring. And decorated with stylistic blocks, video and navigation menu on the page. The instruction, it turns out, can be interesting?


However, Lactiale is a pharmaceutical product. Therefore, a separate section was created for professionals on the pages of the site. It contains articles and reports of doctors of medical sciences and professors, everything that may be of interest to specialists. Before proceeding with the information, the user must confirm the "Legal agreement to obtain information" and confirm that he is a doctor.

Lactiale's main task is to maintain the intestinal microflora, but not everyone understands how to maintain it and why. Therefore, on the site we have posted a maximum of useful information for reference. Stylistic blocks are implemented in the form of intestines, bacteria and decorated with animation, all in accordance with the theme and corporate style of the company.

We do our best to reveal the essence and create an individual site for your product. And as you know, the site in the XXI century - the face of your company.