Land Rover Киев Аэропорт

Land Rover Киев Аэропорт


The world has changed. There are more and more goals and opportunities for success. And less and less free time. Nobody desires to drive halfway across the city, standing in traffic jams, and talking to other people is often exhausting.
Many seek to get final answers to all their questions, to choose, compare and purchase on-line.
Even products that a few years ago could only be sold through a personal presentation in a showroom are now booked online.
As you can guess, we are talking about premium cars. This insight became the leitmotif for creation of a new website for the official Land Rover dealer of Winner Imports - Jaguar Land Rover Kyiv Airport.

New cars

Of course, the website structure presents the pages familiar to all car enthusiasts consisting detailed descriptions of models and their configurations.
But, understanding the realities of the business transition to on-line, as well as a good awareness of users - since before buying, they study in detail the websites of manufacturers, video reviews and articles with test-drives - a full catalog of available cars in stock was additionally developed.
Yes, these are exactly the cars that are now waiting for their happy owner in the car showroom.
These are their real photos, 360 reviews, personal characteristics and features.
After all, today the user wants specifics, not general descriptions. To explore - to choose - to purchase.
On the main page of the site the cars are changing all the time; this method demonstrates that there really is a lot to choose from.

Pre-owned cars

Users who want to change an old car to a new one by filling in a few parameters can evaluate their car immediately on the site and agree on an exchange.
And those who are picking up a car with mileage can use the selection and leave a request for a test drive.

To owners

In this section we have presented the most necessary tools.
The maintenance cost calculation allows not only to get information about the components and the cost of mandatory maintenance, but also to choose from the proposed list of any additional services and get their total cost.
The final calculation can be downloaded or emailed and printed.
The search for spare parts allows not only to find out about the availability of items, but also to pre-order, if the required quantity is not in stock, as well as to pay and choose delivery through the website.
Cars and lifestyle accessories are presented as a catalog with the option to select by price and category.

Credit Calculator

You no longer have to wait for answers to your inquiry from a loan officer.
A user just needs to choose a car from the list, enter the amount of the down payment and the desired loan term, and get a calculation right on the site.
A technical feature of the project is the interconnection of all internal accounting systems, analytics, CRM and all pages of the website.
Thus, on the one hand, we recreated the usual offline process for the buyer to select and purchase a car, and on the other hand, we managed to understand the buyer`s path and quickly, and most importantly, even remotely to respond to the requests.
So with this digital solution we are not afraid of any quarantine)