Project goal:

To create a corporate online resource for the Parimatch brand — a website about social responsibility of business, patronage, sponsorship, educational programs, and charitable activities of the brand.



The main task of the CF.Digital team was to combine completely different and multifaceted projects of the Parimatch brand in one resource. To combine it into a single style and user-friendly structure. To enable users to quickly find all the information they need. After all, one of the issues faced by the CF.Digital team was the amount of media content that had to be placed on the site.


CF.Digital developed a resource enabling the user to get acquainted with the brand's projects, learn about their values, team and ambassadors, and keep up to date with all the news. Since the site structure had to contain all the brand's activities, we developed a menu and search that allowed for quick navigation through the pages and news of the site.

All areas of activity were categorized on the main page so that the user can immediately get an idea of the brand. Using various animations and combining vertical and horizontal scrolling, we keep the user from getting bored by showing the full range of projects.

We also developed a wide range of blocks that allows proper structuring of content of various types and styles, which is very important for a corporate resource.

To make the user feel all the drive and activity inherent in the Parimatch brand communications, when users go to the site, they watch a video installed as a preloader.

A black theme was developed separately for internal pages, which allows for better emphasis on certain information and easier perception of content.

The website was developed using advanced technologies, such as WebP ㅡ a modern image format that increases page loading performance by reducing the size of media files. That`s how we managed to avoid long page loads and get a fast functioning of the resource.

Based on SVG vector graphics, we built interface elements that were integrated into the page code, which allowed us to implement the most user-friendly interface and convenient interaction with the site.



A corporate website in the style of the Parimatch brand with a modern design and animation elements.


Unified style and clear structure that allow the user to quickly find any information about Parimatch news and projects.


A wide range of blocks that help structure the content and make it easy to perceive information on the website.