Travel post
Travel post

TravelPost is a Ukrainian start-up in the segment of international postal deliveries, operating on the principle of crowdshipping, which entered the Ukrainian market in May 2018.

The international delivery market in Ukraine:

  1. Ukrposhta is a national company, with the widest territorial coverage in Ukraine, affordable cost of services, but inferior in terms of delivery due to outdated work processes. The company is at the stage of active transformation, which was announced loudly in the market.
  2. Nova Poshta is the leader of domestic transportation. It is a tech company with innovative approaches, which has been actively entering the international market since 2014 and plans to take at least 20% in this segment by 2020.
  3. DHL is an international brand that has long been represented on the Ukrainian market and has a stable association - “if you need to ship abroad quickly, use DHL”
  4. Other less well-known operators of the delivery market, all working for at least 5 years.
  5. Analogous or similar to TravelPost services, such as Sopotra - operating since 2014.

The situation is getting complicated by the fact that during this period Ukrposhta (it is the main competitor with a market share of more than 60%) actively communicates its rebranding and updated approach to work, and also releases its own mobile application through which each user can issue and track his delivery, including international one.

So TravelPost faces a real challenge - how can a startup that has only a mobile application declare itself and its service, gain audience's trust (which is the basis of the crowdshipping principle)  get first users, actually test the viability of idea and bite off a "piece of international shipments cake" on the Ukrainian market?

This is where we started in May 2018.

The basis of the TravelPost service is the travelers who help to deliver the package to the recipients quickly, carefully, from hand to hand. And at the same time they have the possibility of additional income.

Successful service operation requires the presence of two categories - travelers and senders. On the one hand, having made a portrait of a traveler, it was quite understandable and quickly accomplished task to find him. Then on the other hand, the portrait of the sender was rather vague. After all, almost every one of us could be a sender.

Groups of the potential target audience of the sender:
  • Expats
  • Students who study abroad
  • Friends, folks and family members of these people who remained in Ukraine

The following characteristics are inherent in all these groups: higher education, European values and a high level of trust in people, interests - traveling, sending / delivering parcels, modern technologies.

And since the service is based on a mobile application, all communication was based on smartphone users.

What many people associate mail/delivery with?

Box, case, container, bundle, truck.

What do we think about when sending a parcel through the “Main Post Office of the country”?

Wish it could get there; wish it could get on time; what if they break it?; Why is it so expensive?

What do all delivery services talk about?

About technology and reliability, about time and cost, and always, always about the boxes!

Coming out with communication based on our obvious advantages:

  • delivery speed, which is sometimes 8-10 times faster than the fastest competitor
  • shipping cost which is lower than that of the slowest and cheapest competitor
  • would be wrong, because then we would become another delivery service with a fashionable mobile application.

And then we thought:

  1. What are we unique in?
  2. Why should we be trusted?
  3. How do we differ?

We are not about boxes and containers, we are about people - about delivery from hand to hand. Because our carriers are living people, just like you and me, and not soulless corporations.

Our client, the sender of the parcel, knows now that his parcel is in safe human hands — it will not be thrown roughly on the floor, not be bruised in the far corner of the car, not get lost in the sorting yard.

Now each of us can be part of this service. And hand over personally - a favorite flower, a secret gift or even a kitten.

We understood - the mail has a soul now.

We were simple and at the same time emotional in communication, so Ukrainians understood how to use the application and how to download it.

The result of the communication should have been represented in the following 3 steps by our users:

Since the potential service had to learn basic information about the application from the site, we approached its strategy from an emotional point of view.

Website design Execution
  • the whole site was built according to the roadmap structure
  • short informational texts were wrapped in a literary poetic form (such as Hoku)
  • we divided the site structurally for an audience of senders and travelers
  • for each page we used its own emotional communication message
TRAVELPOST – the mail has a soul now.


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