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Design your home special!


All cases have their own unique history in our portfolio, but there is a shelf in corporate memory for stories labeled "to have firsthand knowledge ". We always talk about our beloved VINZER HOME in such retrospective. After all, the stage of creating an effective online store, which is focused on a modern, time-valued buyer, was preceded by a personal acquaintance with the products of this company. As VINZER HOME says, their unique and stylish products make it possible to create your own "individual" style in your own home.

We remember that when we first met with representatives of the company, EVERY girl in our team 100% had the pan from this store in the kitchen. Therefore, from the first minute we looked at the final product in the same direction and with a clear understanding of future consumers' feedback expectations. The creativity of the solution was aimed at optimizing the internal processes of the project and their effective organization in terms of time spent.

We faced the task of complex client's business processes systematization: structuring of the provided assortment goods on the online platform, while synchronizing data with offline stores, taking into account the non-standard discounting systems at Vinzer Home. We boldly declare that we created not just an online store for our client, but offered him a new digital tactics of doing business.

Digital business tactics
  • the basis of the site's strategy is conceptual usability, simplicity in choosing the necessary product and high speed of the goods purchase;
  • we grouped and sorted by blocks the entire segment of home products as a locomotive brand, and the satellite brands of the Vinzer Group;
  • automatic unloading of goods on the site with tracking of availability within all stores;
  • tracking sales channels in the card of the order;
  • e-mail marketing for returning customers who have not completed their purchase;

The ideas start working in our hands!

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