They say that once upon a time, digital developers and brand managers could understand each other without words. Some had no desire to bog down with edits, others had no desire to increase budgets. But 28 years ago a bad blood started between them - Tim Berners-Lee created the world's first website.

Print the design!

This site marked the beginning of a Shakespearean drama in the relationship between businesses and digital agencies: the two could not live without each other, but neither could find a common language. Customers asked to print out the design on paper, and complained that it turned out somehow dull. The designers turned each button into an example of postmodern art. The first could not understand the difference between mockup and design, and the latter thought that there was nothing to teach about this interface - everything is elementary as it is.

Brand manager, you have a gift!

After three decades, we decided to return to our former harmony and create a document that would sort out the website development process for both the customer and the developer. The result was the “Technical Regulations of an Internet Project Development”, which was created together with the All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition and Digital Developers Committee. These 25 pages were supposed to be the beginning of the dialogue, but they became an excellent sleeping pill: Three paragraphs put even the staunchest brand manager to sleep.

But no one was going to give up on the road to mutual understanding. So we decided to make a gift that would melt even the strongest cold in the relationship. Neither textbook, nor manual. But a game that would make the life of a brand manager easier and happier. That's how Website About Website came to be.


We made up the brand manager Alyosha, who could not sleep: he was dreaming about declining sales. In a cold sweat he decided that the company needed a website. History is silent as to which one: maybe an online store, maybe a landing page. But this is where the adventure begins: Playing as Aliosha, you need to choose the right agency and go through all the stages of the project correctly to get the site of your dreams. The plot changes depending on the answer chosen by Aliosha, when he communicates with the agency's project manager.

We made everything to make the site algorithm look simple and fun. The dialogues were taken from funny situations that still bring a smile to the emotionless faces of our developers. We put examples of the brief, standard contract and terms of reference inside the game for downloading them. We pointed out the details that most often slow down the site development.

So no more misunderstandings, dear brand managers. Just the sites you want and the fun!

Shall we play?

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