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Winner Group Ukraine Service for the rental of luxury real estate

While you conquer the world, WGU takes care of your home!


Winner Group Ukraine provides services for rental of luxury real estate with comprehensive approach to the services on the market. The total area of WGU's own property was 11130 m2. Every year the company had been increasing its fund of real estate, building and commissioning all new facilities for both residential and commercial real estate. The main consumers of WGU services were either employees of the Winner group of companies, or other companies that are members of the group. So, for example, in 2006 a large modern dealer center was put into operation for the company Winner Automotive on Stepan Bandera Avenue 24. Since 2013, WGU with its offers of real estate rental has been heading for the foreign market. At the end of 2015, the company faced the following problems.

Client’s problems
  • low leasing efficiency
  • long downtime of objects: sometimes up to 600 days in a row
  • dependence on brokerage agencies
  • lack of own controllable platform and communication channels with measurable efficiency

Having conducted several strategic sessions with the client, we realized that the main problem of the low efficiency of objects leasing is the impossibility to inform potential customers of all the advantages of real estate renting in WGU. After all, all proposals were located on the websites of brokerage agencies, and were lost among a variety of options different in nature, service and price. As a result of such a submission, the advantages of an integrated approach were lost, and only a high price stood out. We did not have the opportunity to follow the communication of agents to understand how correctly they place the accents in the dialogue

Our strategy was to completely enter the digital channel, build his own adjustable and controllable platform. The strategy was approved, and we proceeded to its implementing. First, we had to accurately determine the target audience. After all, the more accurate the hit, the more effective our campaign will be.

It was quite an ambitious task to develop a brand from scratch, to bring its service to a broad market, using only digital channels

One of the important moments in the successful implementation of the project was the sex of our TA. After all, male and female behavior on the Internet differs, thus, the emphasis and psychological presentation when developing the Internet platform should be different. That is why, for more efficient approach to using budgets, we first developed a simple landing page, where we conducted a number of a/b testing* to identify the behavioral characteristics of TA who make conversions. And if the conversions of male audience on the site only slightly exceeded the female, there were much more calls from men on the offline.

Our hypothesis has confirmed, and we finalized the portrait of our TA.

Analyzing our TA, their values, behavior both on the website and in real life, we realized that first we should give them a very convenient tool - clear, concise and intuitive. In addition, we should correctly render the main message conveying the value of the service and motivating them to purchase Luxury segment services.. The most important thing in our strategy should be a simple concept of "Simply clever". Everything should be clear in a few seconds: what kind of object it is, how it looks, where it is located, how much it costs, how to find a way to it. 10 seconds to make a decision and you will never worry about everyday problems. 

  • We developed an online platform – the website - structured, concise and convenient for quick perception.
  • We attached all the objects to the map and made it possible to create a direct route to them in the mobile phone navigator
  • We focused on adapting the site for mobile devices and mobile-oriented campaigns.
  • A 3D tour was done for each object to enable site visitors to quickly and accurately assess the object, as well as to reduce the extra workload for WGU employees when demonstrating an object that does not meet the client's expectations.
  • We formed 10 lists of remarketing and launched advertising campaigns in Google and Yandex search engines.
  • We launched search advertising on requests in exact accordance. At the campaign level, we used 2,355 minus-keywords. 923 keywords, 28 ad groups and 30 dynamic ad extensions were used.
  • We integrated the site with the client's accounting system, adding additional lead-generation. If you like the busy object, then you can leave a request to "Notify me when released."



conversions during 9 months




frequency of displaying according to auction statistics among niche competitors


increase of the efficiency of the objects renting


the average downtime of objects decreased by 8 times


advertising campaign the first object was leased!

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