Beauty Lounge Bеllagio

Will reveal all the facets of your beauty!


Our Digital Development department believes: "Trying to conduct a successful business with a non-selling site - just like remembering the recipe of French dessert when you are drowning in the sea!" They even hung such a poster on our wall. What can we do, if they madly love our interesting car projects and delicious sweets :) 

As already mentioned, with Winner Group Ukraine we have been on the same partner wave for a long time: we catch the buzz from their projects, and they are crazy about our sites. In 2016 they came to us for a cup of coffee and told us the story of their project - beauty salon "Beauty Lounge Bellagio" - premium luxury beauty salon in the center of Kiev with a fabulous arsenal of professional services for discovering the new facets of your beauty. A small digital acne – a non-selling site and, subsequently, low efficiency indexes of digital campaigns – spoiled the whole picture. Since our philosophy is to create something awesome, we solved our client’s problem with a lightning speed.

A combination of modern markup technologies, easy air design and ease of use were chosen as a development strategy of a new promo. Particular emphasis was placed on adaptive markup, since 80% of TA use this service via mobile devices.

Creative solutions
  • harmony of photos, fonts and free space on the site;
  • interactive visual submission of objects;
  • inclusion of animated galleries on the site;
  • aesthetic "broken" grid markup, which attracts the user's attention;

  • several stages of advertising campaigns with a full cycle of communication with the TA were planned;
  • optimization of the site for brand inquiries;
  • contextual advertising campaigns were set up to collect and attract potential TA;
  • narrow-local social contextual advertising campaigns for increasing the fans of the group and the conversion of the site were launched;
  • content strategy for the group in Facebook and Instagram beauty salon Bellagio was developed and implemented;
  • strategy of remarketing campaigns at different stages of the decision-making process of our TA was developed as well;

We create ideas and inspire significant actions!

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