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Do you believe in New Year miracles? We do! And now we will tell you a real digital fairy tale.

Just imagine: November, almost holiday pre-New Year's spirit is in the air - corporate parties, New Year's toys and, of course, gifts. "You can never get enough presents" - our customers and partners from "Kozyrna Karta" restaurants family concluded and with the generosity of the Ukrainian soul decided to conduct drawing of 30 000 gifts among their guests and also to please one lucky winner with a super prize - Ipad.

Everything would be good, except the fact that it was necessary to start the project on December 10, and at that moment, there was nothing but 30,000 gifts and feeling like holiday!

  • to create something festive, bright, involving, non-standard and viral
  • to expand the base of potential guests of the restaurants network by involving new audience
  • increase loyalty among existing guests, involving and entertaining them on the eve of the holiday

We all are still children in heart! So, what is the brightest children's New Year wish? "To visit Santa!" We decided to create the real Santa's workshop with endless shelves of gifts and toys, funny stickers-reminders (as in any workshop), host's soft comfortable armchair, Christmas tree and fireplace with crackling fire! Here we have the Santa's slippers! Waiting for his return from the matinees))
Idea Creative


Knowing the portrait of our guest and our tasks, we decided to combine innovation and the latest web design technologies with nice and cozy style of drawing in order to create festive atmosphere on one side, and to show that Kozyrna Karta is keeping pace with trends and monitoring technologies on the other.

  • markup adaptability for all types of devices;
  • Ajax loading of elements to get the effect of endless landing page with completion of the elements in real time, which allowed to provide high loading speed;
  • Reactive PHP Events, which allowed to remember and display the gifts opened by other users in real time;
  • integration with social networks for quick and convenient sharing of fun statuses with holiday pictures and involving friends into the game;
The most charming feature of the project is the author's design (all the elements of the project are manually drawn): starting from icons and buttons and ending with teddy bears and Christmas-tree toys.
feature of the project

The implementation mechanics was aimed not just at amusement of users, but also at collecting potential leads for the Client. Namely, we offered the user to register for participating in the game, and then to share his gift in social networks. Since each user had only 3 attempts to open gifts, for the biggest gamblers there was an opportunity to get an extra chance for every three friends who joined the game at his invitation.Database with all the users with their electronic addresses and fixation of the gifts they won, was created in the website's administrative panel. This gave an additional opportunity to manage mailing, reminding the guests about the need to get their prize and at the same time to visit one of the restaurants of the network.


13 800

users took part in the game

29 560

gifts were drawn


main prizes were drawn among all the participants

585 000

сoverage in social networks

30 500



the growth of the restaurants' guests in the first months after the promotion

The success of the project was obvious according to the guests' comments too! Next year we came up with another New Year digital story! But that is another case!

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