Samsonite Ukraine
Samsonite Ukraine E-commerce platform for worldwide brand

To tell you the story of one of our coolest cases, we suggest you to pass through a short Imaginarium.


You represent a worldwide brand in Ukraine. Moreover, you have even built an offline sales system covering the whole country.


What will be your next step in the representative office development?

We bet the answer is clear: to break into online and create new sales channels.

This was the decision of our client - the only official importer of Samsonite brand in Ukraine. American brand, which is categorically considered the leader and is ranked as the highest quality luggage manufacturer for more than a hundred years.

As you have already guessed, we faced the task: to bring Samsonite Ukraine into the digital space and build an e-commerce platform.

If going deeper into details, then we have the following:

1. Task (external): to develop a site for customers.

2.  Task (internal): to create an integrated ecosystem for sellers, administrators, buyers, etc.

NB! Further on, the process of work was built according to the manually developed effective project rules.

First of all, we need to carry out the analysis: to get acquainted with the product and its target audience awfully close. And only after that we should proceed to concrete actions.

Not vice versa!

That's why we headed to make sure of the brand's strengths.

We also conducted a sociological survey on Facebook and captured a lot of insights thanks to it.

We already knew for sure what the travelers were guided by when choosing their luggage and what they feared the most. That's what helped us build our home page structure.

Having foreseen the questions of the site users, we immediately decided to inform:

  • that this is the only Samsonite brand official website in Ukraine;
  • about payment and delivery, return and exchange;
  • about the quality of products, production and crash-tests;
  • about the system of wheels and locks that do not break;
  • about guarantees, service center, etc.

Subsequently, a new task arose: to convince travelers to buy suitcases (real-Samsonite-suitcases) online.

That's when it's time for another effective project rule to come into effect: content - is the root of everything, especially when it comes to rich-content.

To break any doubts of potential buyers, we have provided for each item:

  • Gallery 360. You can spin a suitcase, as a globe.
  • Block with video reviews. Which even better digital crash-test can you think of?
  • Lifestyle photo gallery. To imagine a Roman holiday or a Parisian Honeymoon with your favorite suitcase.
  • Visualize the key model advantages with the help of photo details.

As for the internal ecosystem, we have created a universal sales tool for the Ukrainian network of more than a dozen Samsonite stores. All offline sale points were involved in logistics, introducing a single consolidated accounting of balances and receipts of goods items.

And we also greatly facilitated the life of store administrators, because all the information about goods was transferred to the system developed by us. These are the photos of product items and characteristics, formulas for calculating retail value by category, which can be adjusted using the admin panel.


Happy End didn't keep us waiting

After the online store launch, the project is successfully selling. Thus, this means we have formed a completely new online communication channel - a digital one - for the brand from scratch. Actually, the one that leads the future of the entire global business. After all, online sales increase the product marginality; provide a unique opportunity to learn all the subtleties of TA’s behavior and maximize the advertising costs effectiveness.

Sounds impressive, doesn't it?

So, if you are not online yet - we are here to fix it)



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