Santechshara Sanitary engineering online -shop

The company "Santechshara" has been the leader of the Ukrainian sanitary engineering market for more than 10 years. During this time, the line of online store goods has grown significantly to help the most demanding buyer to find the ideal solution for his home. Of course, Santechshara's prouds of its service and care for its customers.

The CF Digital team has been familiar with Santechshara for more than 5 years. At first, Santechshara requested us for an essential mission - loudly announce itself online and create an online-store that will make the buying process easy for the customer.

Therefore, the main goal of our team was to get acquainted users with the niche leader and build the positioning of the market leader. To reach our goal, we set the following tasks:

Team Tasks
  • To examine the audience, focusing on the features of the digital usage
  • To establish a strategy for brand positioning and presence
  • To create an impressive communication channel for the promotion of Santechshara goods
  • To optimize the business processes
  • To develop a usable webpage
  • To analize the effectiveness of the resource

We have not only coped with the tasks, we have exceeded the client's expectations of the resource effectiveness .

After 5 years it became obvious, that every year, on the market appear more and more competitors and it becomes more difficult to gain consumers' confidence. Therefore the role of the main communication channel - (online store) is indisputable.

Client`s problems


of incoming users do not wait for the page to load


of our users visit the site from mobile devices


of sales were reduced

Every year we meet with our customers and analyze the effectiveness of our online store. At the intense strategic session, we identified the following issues:

  • User path was not up-to-date
  • Obsolete design
  • Not adaptive layout
  • Expansion of the product range
  • Absence of "points of attention"
  • Non-compliance of the site with the requirement of search engines.

After accurate analysis, the reasons of these problems were identified. After 5 years, our target audience has changed, moreover, the logic of making purchases has changed as well. It is impossible to turn a blind eye to this consistent decision. Thus, it was decided to completely update the website.

During the analysis of existing problems, three whales on which we built our strategy for updating the online store were identified

The first whale is the Customer path. The aim of the comprehensive expertise is increasing of the efficiency and convenience of digital activations - both in terms of interface, and  logic / mechanics. Based on the actual segmentation of the target audience, we were able to identify the easiest solutions for each of our visitors. With the help of design, we focused on intuitive navigation, which at every step accompanies the visitor.

The second whale is Design. The world of design is changing rapidly, and of course, it was important to display the style in the design and at the same time to remain the store recognizable. Our designers have developed unique flat design, using the zoning technology.

The third whale is Technological. In order to be able to implement all the ideas to update the functionality and at the same time to reduce downloading speed, we emphasized the  libraries and frameworks. We also developed a unique SEO module that optimizes and increases the efficiency of specialists’ work .

The decisions, offered to the client and implemented:

  1. Usability audit. Identification of problematic and "bottlenecks" of the site, which doesn’t allow visitors to perform the targeted action.
  2. Prototype based on the concept of micro-interactions. We kind of wrote all the options for the user dialogue with our customer.
  3. Unique flat design with attention zoning technology. This concept has helped us to focus the client to the "right" points for us.
  4. Adaptive layout. Since 60% of the traffic comes from mobile devices, we made the most of adaptive markup on all the tablets.
  5. Development of new modules for keeping users' attention. We focused on the needs of the user and added a personal cabinet, the ability to compare products and add to favorites, as well as the ability to communicate through feedback.
  6. Optimized download speed. The cornerstone for many online stores is the speed of the loading. With a large amount of content, we use front-end frameworks that allow you to load pages even faster.
  7. Development of a unique SEO module. Our strategy did not take us long to wait, and after the transfer we saw qualitative and quantitative positive results.


Results of site update


increase in conversions


increase in the duration of site visits


of purchases per day


recurring conversions


traffic growth

+ 90%

positive feedback

They say, one leads to another. At the moment, the CF Digital promo team is working on the Santechshara project. They have "wizards", so it is very likely, that they will hear about our project not only in Ukraine.


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